Sustainable development

Sustainable development is part of the essential nature of cycling. Bicycles are a perfectly ecological means of transport.

Race organisers work enthusiastically and contribute to the development and increased influence of cycling in all its forms.

It is therefore essential that any cycling event is exemplary in environmental terms.

The AIOCC ensures that its members pay attention to environmental protection and offers practical advice on what can be done for a cycling event. A sustainable development strategy can be based around the following points:

  • Offering a mobility plan for the different cycling racing families
  • Managing the issue of preserving the environment before, during and after the race, including in particular the strict management of the refreshment areas and collecting waste
  • Paying attention to the gifts given out by the publicity cavalcade
  • Aiming to have a positive impact on fauna and flora
  • Implementing a “zero carbon” strategy
  • Strengthening lines for the recycling and reuse of materials
  • Offering responsible catering centred on local products
  • Preventing waste in all its forms

The environment should not be part of a specific programme but entirely integrated into every level of the organisation. The aim is that ultimately the gestures that we currently consider as “environmental gestures” become natural and automatic for everybody.

The world is changing. It is changing very quickly. The environment deserves to be respected. These ecological issues are primordial for the future of our planet and the world of cycling should lead the way.

Credit Charly Lopez / La Vuelta